Fri, Jul 30, 2021 at 3:25pm


The St. Louis Cardinals acquired pitcher J.A. Happ from the Minnesota Twins for pitchers John Gant and Evan Sisk, and cash.

What does it give the St. Louis Cardinals
In Happ, the Cardinals get a decent veteran starter to help their depleted rotation. He is struggling this season but desperate times call for desperate measures. St. Louis did not give up much here.

What does it give the Minnesota Twins
The Twins have traded away two fifths of Minnesota's rotation before the deadline, after dealing Jose Berrios earlier. Gant is a swingman who might get a shot at Minny's rotation, while Sisk is a young reliever.

Fantasy impact
There is little fantasy value here, as Happ is not a recommendable starter in most leagues at this point. Neither is Gant, who has bounced back and forth between the rotation and bullpen while with the Cards. As for Sisk, he may have some future value but there is no need to pick him up at this time.

Player focus

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