Fri, Jul 30, 2021 at 3:59pm


The Philadelphia Phillies acquired pitchers Kyle Gibson, Ian Kennedy and Hans Grouse from the Texas Rangers for pitchers Spencer Howard, Josh Gessner and Kevin Gowdy.

What does it give the Philadelphia Phillies
The Phillies absolutely needed more help for their pitching staff, so both Gibson and Kennedy should help greatly. The former will slide into the rotation while the latter could be inserted into the closer role (which was his gig in Texas this season). Overall, Gibson and Kennedy were necessary additions.

What does it give the Texas Rangers
Howard was once considered elite in terms of pitching prospects, but his MLB results have not been great. He has also battled injuries, but he is still a good addition for Texas. Gessner and Gowdy are both considered long-range starter prospects, but Howard is the key to this deal for the Rangers.

Fantasy impact
Gibson is not as recommendable pitching for Philly as is Kennedy, mostly because Gibson does not miss enough bats. Howard should be picked up in most keeper leagues and some yearly formats, while Gessner, Gowdy and Grouse can be ignored in most leagues for the time being.