Wed, May 5, 2021 at 3:19pm


The Oakland Athletics acquired outfielder Skye Bolt from the San Francisco Giants for cash.

What does it give the Oakland Athletics
Bolt was drafted by Oakland and was with them from 2015 until last month, when he was designated for assignment. When the Athletics had the opportunity to bring him back into the fold, they did not hesitate. He will continue to provide organizational depth in the outfield. That is about it.

What does it give the San Francisco Giants
The Giants picked up Mike Tauchman from the Yankees recently, so the need to keep Bolt around lessened after that. So, they sent him back to Oakland and got back some cash. Bolt appeared in two games for the Giants and struck out in his only at-bat with the National League squad.

Fantasy impact
There is no fantasy impact here, as Bolt will likely continue to be a fringe big-league outfielder for the foreseeable future.

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