Wed, Feb 17, 2021 at 10:25am


Tampa Bay Rays acquired pitchers Chris Mazza, Jeffrey Springs and cash from the Boston Red Sox for catcher Ronaldo Hernandez and infielder Nick Sogard.

What does it give the Tampa Bay Rays
For the Rays, this trade is mostly about adding some pitching depth to the organization. Neither Mazza nor Springs is any great shakes at this point in their respective MLB careers. However, Tampa Bay has a history of turning water into wine when it comes to pitching reclamation projects. This is just the latest test for the squad.

What does it give the Boston Red Sox
This could potentially turn into a steal for the Red Sox, as Hernandez is a solid catching prospect with offensive upside. Those are fairly rare, so this is a nice move by Boston GM Brian O'Halloran. Meanwhile, Sogard turns 24 this year and has yet to play above short-season A ball. Consider him a throw-in here, as Hernandez is the big addition.

Fantasy impact
Fantasy leaguers can safely ignore both Mazza and Springs for the time being. Monitor their progress throughout 2021 in case they may become worthy of an in-season pickup. As for Hernandez, he remains a solid late-round draft option in keeper leagues. His path to MLB may be easier with Boston, who seem further away from contention than the perennially-solid Rays. Sogard can be ignored until further notice.